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Who We Are

Cave House Studios is a video and animation shop located in Fredericksburg, Virginia.  We are filmmakers, storytellers, animators, and artists. Our vision spans the entire production process and draws on elements from the full range of media development.

We are in the business of creating visual content that fully expresses your voice and vision.  Our clients come to us with a message. We help you by facilitating that message in a way that is compelling, unique, and contemporary.  We set our expectations high and aim to reach new heights with every project that comes down the pipeline.

Our track record demonstrates our capabilities.  Since its creation, Cave House has produced a wide range of projects – a feature-length documentary, music videos, web commercials, motion graphics, narrative film work, and more.

So, what is it that’s on your mind?  What do you have to say to the world out there?


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