60 Second horror challenge

The 60 Second Horror Challenge is an annual film festival based out of Charleston, SC. Each year they host celebrity judges that vote on their favorite films. All money generated goes to a local pet adoption centers.

60 second succubi

60 Second Succubi is a speed cut of our film Succubi Scry.

Ocean City Film challenge

The Ocean City Film Challenge is a film competition hosted by the folks who put together the Ocean City Film Festival. All of the films must be produced in the month of July, be less than 10 minutes, and represent Ocean City, MD in some fashion.

Escape 2020

Shot during the lock downs of the COVID-19 pandemic, Escape 2020 is the story of a couple attempting to escape the anxiety, depression, and paranoia of 2020 by taking a day trip to the beach. The film was awarded 2nd place in the 3rd annual competition.


48 Hour Film Projects

The 48 Hour Film Project is an international, volunteer only, film competition where teams are given 48 hours to make a 4-7 minute short film. At 7PM Friday evening you are given your genre and some requirements for every film, such as a line of dialog, a character, and a prop. Sunday at 7PM the film has to be turned into the film office. In 2009 we participated in two of these projects.

Dead body lottery

We were lucky enough to draw the genre card of horror for our one and only submission to the 48 Hour Film Project as team Cave House. We also were required to include Michelle Dooley, an environmental expert as a character, "We just won the lottery!" as the line of a dialog, and tomatoes as a prop.


Dead Body Lottery is a horrific short story centered around guilt and greed. After finding out that their friend has won the lottery, Shawn (Demetrius Parker) and Shannon (D.D. Bevan) come up with a scheme to steal the winning ticket. When the plan goes horribly wrong the two are taken on a fast paced thrill ride of head bludgeoning, choke outs, hauntings, dead body piles, and explosions. Dead Body Lottery won Best Special Effects in the 2009 Richmond 48 Hour Film Festival.


Next Caller

With this project we weren't so lucky and drew the musical genre. Next Caller wasn't entirely a Cave House project; we only handled to the post production. This was an entry for the Washington DC 2009 48 Hour Film Project.


Next Caller is a story of shock jock radio host Ivan the Terrible (Steve Webb) who goes too far.


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