Cave House history

Cave House Studios began in 2006 when Peter (Joe) Rackley, Mike Frank, and Derek Silver came together to record a rap battle in downtown Fredericksburg, VA with camera equipment borrowed from George Mason University. We shot, edited, and authored DVDs of the event. Immediately following that project we took out a loan to purchase our own camera equipment, upgrade our editing stations, and license software. We began filming everything from marketing videos for the University of Mary Washington to 3D animation commercials and a host of live events in between.


In 2009 we entered into two 48 Hour Film Projects, one in Richmond, VA (Dead Body Lottery) that we produced, and one in DC (Next Caller) that we edited and provided motion graphics for. Dead Body Lottery won Best Special Effects in the Richmond competition. More information on these projects can be found on our Project pages.


In 2011 our business partner Mike Frank made the decision to go full time into the filmmaking industry. Mike moved to Michigan to work as a compositor on Spy Kids 4. He now lives in LA where he continues to apply his artistic magick to a host of network television shows. Mike still supports Cave House as a consultant on visual effects.


From 2012 to 2013 Joe and Derek, along with a couple creative friends produced a mocumentary web series called Mystery Adventure Crew. The series follows a team of paranormal investigators "solving" cases from bigfoot to the most haunted location in Virginia, Old House Woods. Check out the project page for more information.


Cave House Studios, Inc was converted into Cave House Studios, LLC in 2014.


During the 2016-2018 time  period Joe and some of our other crew members started up Cave House Gamers, which was primarily a Twitch channel variety show of sorts. They hosted D&D roleplay sessions, a wonky talk show, and a host of various video games.


2019 marked the year that we focused all of our effort into filmmaking to make the most of our time and passion. We produced a micro short horror film, Succubi Scry to enter into film festivals. It has been well received and even picked up a couple awards along the way. See the project page for more details.


We released two pandemic themed shorts in 2020. One as part of the Ocean City Film Challenge, Escape 2020 and one as a narrative sci-fi thriller, titled Third Wave. Check out our Film Challenges and Third Wave pages for more info.


In 2021 we produced Ba'al Out, a horror short in similar vein to Succubi Scry and expanded our production a number of departments. You can check out the trailer here.


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